No Apache httpd Windows binaries from the Apache Software Foundation

Peter Lorenzen

I have only used the Apache HTTP Server on Windows for a couple of years since I mostly use Linux.

Until now I have downloaded the binaries from the Apache Software Foundation or one of its mirrors.

I have been missing the latest releases (2.2.23 and 2.2.24). First I thought that the reason they were not available was because the CVE was not relevant for Windows 🙂

After checking up on this I found that the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has never supplied binaries for Windows.

The binaries was provide by a third-party. I do not know who, but they have stopped supplying them.

ASF has some mail lists and there it was suggested to get the binaries from
I have checked the site out and it looks safe. It have existed in years and have forums with thousands of users. Google did not reports any problems with them.

I have downloaded version 2.2.24 and installed it on a couple of servers. It works fine and does not report the servers as vulnerable to the CRIME attack anymore and they get an A rating 🙂

You can switched from “ASF” binaries to apachelounge via:

  • Backup the current installation.
  • Uninstall httpd and delete the Apache directory.
  • Unzip and copy the content of the Apache2 directory to the location of the old installation.
  • Delete the conf directory and replace it with your old conf. Since we have placed it the same place you do not have to change anything else.
  • Install the Windows service via httpd.exe -k install.

The looks to be mostly a one man show. There is no warranty for anything so if this is a concern you should probably compile httpd yourself.

They do provide PGP signatures and SHA1-SHA512 checksums so you can validate the downloads.

New releases are announced via Twitter @ApacheLounge.

This is an independent site so remember to make a donation if you like their service.

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