Introduction to Oracle Technology License Auditing

Peter Lorenzen

The spring edition of the OTech Magazine has just been released. My “Introduction to Oracle Technology License Auditing” article is included in this issue.

The magazine is full of great articles:
* Sten Vesterli – The Cost of Technology
* Talip Hakan Ozturk – Why and how to use Oracle Database Real Application Testing
* Simon Haslam – Enterprise Deployment of Oracle Fusion Middleware Products – Part 2
* Patrick Barel – Absolutely Typical
* Osama Mustafa – Step by Step install Oracle Grid on Solaris 11.1
* Lucas Jellema – The relevance of the User Experience
* James Anthony – Oracle NoSQL – Part 2
* Betrand Drouvot – Utility Use Cases
* Christopher Ostrowski – Build a RAC Database for free with VirtualBox
* Mia Urman – Dinosaurs in space – Mobilizing Oracle Forms applications
* Ronald van Luttikhuizen & Simon Haslam – Provisioning Oracle Fusion Middleware using Chef and Puppet – Part 1
* Troy Allen – Mobility for WebCenter Content
* Kim Berg Hansen – Analytic Warehouse Picking
* Lonneke Dikmans – What does Adaptive in Oracle ACM mean?
* Robert Honeyman – Oracle Access Manager: Clusters, Connection Resilience and Coherence
* Jon Chartrand – QUMU & WebCenter: Bringing video to the enterprise
* Mahir M Quluzade – Oracle Data Guard 12c: New Features
* Peter Lorenzen – Introduction to Oracle Technology Licence Auditing

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