Tips and tricks for installing and maintaining FMW products

Peter Lorenzen

I have written an article for the winter 2014 issue of OTech Magazine.

Unfortunately, something went wrong in the layout process so it does not look too good everywhere, but it is readable.

The site uses some kind of widget to display the magazine. I could not get it working on my iPad and a colleague had problems with IE. If you run into problems, you can download the pdf directly via this link.

The article covers these subjects:

  • Documentation
  • Downloading software
  • Directory naming
  • Java – Soft links + cacerts
  • Less is more
  • Silent installation
  • Configuration File Archiving
  • Entropy problems on Linux servers
  • Error Correction Support Polies
  • Patching
    • Security patches
    • Proactive patches
    • Version numbers
    • Conflicts
    • Overlay patches
    • Conflict resolution
    • MOS Recommended Patch Advisor

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