OTN Developer License restrictions

Peter Lorenzen

Oracle allows you to download most of its software free of charge via the OTN Developer License.

This is a fantastic option that I appreciate a lot. But it is important to understand the restrictions of the license.

So as soon as you go into to production with a project you need proper licensing. This is true for all the software installation you have.

If your developers are fixing bugs or developing version 1.1 of your application, you need to pay for any WebLogic Server, database etc. they have access to, including installations on their laptops. This is also true for the WebLogic Zip distribution.

I have confirmed this with the Oracle licensing team.

I was a bit surprised that you are not allowed to use the WebLogic Zip distribution on developers laptops.

Some products are completely free, like JDeveloper, SQL Developer and the Oracle Database Express Edition, but most other products require a license when you go into production.

Update – Thanks to Simon Haslam for pointing out the OTN Free Developer License Agreement. It will allow you to keep using the WebLogic Server on developers PC’s even when you go into production.

It only covers the WebLogic Server, even though this is not mentioned anywhere :-)

“This license permits you to deploy the programs only on your single developer desktop computer”

“You may continue to develop, test, prototype and demonstrate your application with the programs under this license after you have deployed the application for any internal data processing, commercial or production purposes”

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